October 20, 2014

What We Do

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of art services. Our current offerings are: 

Individual Music Lessons

First-time or continuing lessons on various instruments, ranging from brass, woodwinds to percussion.  Lessons are   taught at a location of your choice or online.  An introductory 15-minute lesson is given upon request.

Group Music Lessons-

Similarly to our individual lessons, group classes are structured to accommodate the first-time player or experienced player.  Group classes are taught at convenient community locations throughout Washington, DC.


Windnotes is accustomed to providing trainings and seminars centered around art enrichment.  Workshops vary in length, but typically range from 60 minutes to 2-day sessions.  We have experience tailoring sessions for all age and skill levels.

Summer Music Lessons

Summer lessons are more flexible by design and offer focused learning for students. Be sure to signup early for summer lessons to receive discounted  rates.  Summer 2017 Windnotes will select a different school to receive discounted rate. If you feel that your students should be selected, please contact us and tell us why

Music Curriculum Development

Many schools across the nation are without an art program or are given an  under-funded art program,. Windnotes offers painless and affordable arts programming. Windnotes can provide consultation or direct program implementation for your school/organization.

Summer Camp 2017 

The first annual Windnotes camp details will be released January 2017