September 6, 2016

Jam Bands



Currently we offer the following types of bands:

Novice Explorerthis group is designed to allow students an opportunity to experience music in a fun and supportive environment! Students who are new to their instrument can look forward to learning the basics of group performance and receive guided instruction along the way.

Intermediate Mix–  this group typically consists of students who have some level of familiarity with their instrument.   Time is spent during these sessions ensuring students understand and internalize the importance behind theory and music exploration.

Advanced  students who select to participate in this experience are clear about their desire to learn the inner workings of performance.  As a member of this experience artistic skills are cultivated to the point of increasing employability and career interest.

True Jam Band– this group is designed for serious students of Jazz to gain improvisational experience in a supportive space.  Students earn their stripes the ole’ fashion way…the twist is that students are given opportunity to receive real-time critique.