October 20, 2014



Below is a list of commonly asked questions. If your question is not listed, contact us and we will respond promptly!


Q: Where is Windnotes based?

A: Windnotes is based within the Nation’s Capitol, Washington, DC. However, we provide provide service anywhere you are!

Q:What can I expect with Windnotes? 

A: Our programs and lessons are designed for you.  Please review our welcome packet to get better acquainted to us.

Q: How do I know what instrument to learn?

A: Windnotes can assess every student on a variety of instruments and then make a recommendation.

Q:What is the cost of private lessons?

A: Pricing varies depending upon time length and delivery mode. However, our base rate follows industry-standard at one dollar per minute. 

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: Windnotes accepts paypal, cash, check, money order or visa/debit card.

Q: Is there a preferred payment method?

A: Yes, paypal is preferred.

Q: Do I have to purchase an instrument to start lessons?

A: No, you can rent an instrument from generally any music store. We can help you with this if you like, just say the word! 

Q: How does lesson cancellation work?

A: A minimum of 72 hours is necessary to makeup a cancelled lesson to avoid a charge. 

Q: What do people say about Windnotes?

A: We try not to toot our own horn. But, we have a list of favorable testimonials from parents and students. 

If your question went unanswered, please contact us!